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This is my first game ever, expect some bugs please



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Nice for your first game! ;)

- So first of all you can only move when jumping which is a little annoying.

- At the first 3 levels if you die you need to exit the game in order to start it againg from the beggining ( so you need to make that if you die you spawn at the same exact level)

- The graphics are hand drawn which is not bad at all for your first time of making a game!

-I finished the game at level 4 beacuse when i reched the red flag the game crashed , I don't know is there any level 5 or is it just a bug?

- The music is really nice , you can turn it off in the beggining but if you do that you won't be able to turn it back up so i recommend you adding a feature to turn it back on or turn it on/off in-game.

-These are my opinions in your first game keep up the great work much love <3 ~ qLa.

thanks for your kind feedback, i will try to make the next game as good as possible ;)